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La Civilisation pour les nuls


New Deal/peace and love/melting pot/success story

startup/business angel/trader/STOCK OPTION

self made man/business class/ice tea/world music

new age/easy listening/coca light/body building



prime time/mass media/pop music/reality show


mailing list/feeling/baby boom/baby blues

ice cream/safe sex/sniper/serial killer



disco/dance/hip hop/reggae

cocktail/bloody mary/irish coffee/blind test


street fighting/revolver/shoot'em up/underground



JET SET/soap opera/shopping/fashion victim

gangsta rap/heavy metal/bad boy/star system

party/top model/strip tease/GANG BANG

drag queen/sex shop/one shot/bad trip

story board/BOX OFFICE/TV addict/snuff movie



business/class action/LOW COST/working poor

red neck/fast food/T bone/white trash

rythm and blues/roots/ghetto blaster/BLACK POWER

drugstore/self service/drive-in/duty free

hot dog/flipper/juke box/alcool



big Jim/GI Joe/Mr T/Captain America

self respect/rangers/black list/KICK AND RUN

DOLLAR/light crude/US ARMY/boat people

high tech/wireless/hacker/wargame

building/twin towers/CRASH TEST/ground zero



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